Services - Export Packing

Special Features

Packing cases are made in different types of wood to suit the requirement.

Prefabricated wooden subassemblies are manufactured at the shop and are transported to the site for final assembly and packing of goods.

Wood is heat treated prior to fabrication or can be fumigated upon assembly as per the requirement of the client or the country of destination complying to ISPM 15 regulation

The packing is designed to suite cargo load and facilitate multiple handlings by means of forklift, cranes etc.

Desiccants are placed in the boxes to protect the goods from corrosion. Quantity of desiccant depends on the transit & storage time, inner volume, type of packing etc.

Wrapping of HDPE foil, aluminum composite foil, etc. is provided inside the cases depending upon the application

Cases : Boards are nailed close together. Used for packing small & loose multiple pieces.
Crates : Boards are nailed with spacing. Used for packing large self supporting pieces .
Pallets : Floor of wooden boards. Used for cargo with multiple handling and warehousing.
Saddles : Wooden support shaped to suite cargo shape. Used for large cargo which is not self supporting.
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