Information - Abbreviations
AGW All Going Well ASPW Any Safe Port in the World
A/S AlongSide BAF Bunker adjusting factor (freight)
BDI Both Dates Inclusive BE Both Ends ( Load and discharge ports)
BENDS Both Ends ( Load and discharge ports) BI Both Inclusive.
B/N Booking Note B S S 1/1 Basis 1 port to 1 port
BT Berth Terms CAF Currency adjusting factor (freight)
CFT Cubic FeeT CFR Cost and FReight
CIF Costs Insurance and Freight CIP Carriage and Insurance paid to.....
C/P CharterParty CPT Carriage Paid To
CPD Charterers Pay Dues CQD Customary Quick Despatch
COD Cash On Delivery COP Custom Of Port
D/A Disbursement Account DAF Delivered At Frontier
DC Discharge Capacity DDP/(U) Delivered Duty Paid (Unpaid)
DEM DEMurrage DES Delivered Ex Ship
DEQ Delivered Ex Quay DESP DESPatch
DK DecK DO Diesel Oil
DOT Department Of Transport EC East Coast
ETA Expected Time of Arrival ETC Expected Time of Completion
ETD Expected Time of Departure ETS Expected Time of Sailing
FA Free Alongside FAC Fast As Can
FAS Free Alongside Ship FCA Free CArrier
FD Free Despatch FIO Free In and Out
FIOST Free In and Out Stowed and Trimmed FIOT Free In and Out Trimmed
FIT Free In Trimmed FIW Free in Wagon
FMC Federal Maritime Commission F/N Fixing Note
FO For Orders FO (IFO) Fuel Oil
FOB Free On Board FOG For Our Guidance
FOR Free On Rail FOQ Free On Quay
FOT Free On Truck FOW Free On Wharf
Free Ex Ins FREE of any EXtra INSurance (Owners) FYG For Your Guidance
FYI For Your Information GA General Average
GASBEND Good And Safe (Port) Both ENDs GENS GENeralS or general cargo
GNS German North Sea GMDSS Global Maritime Distress Safety System
HA HAtch HDLTSBENDS Half Despatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
HBF Harmless Bulk Fertilizer HMS Heavy Metal Scraps
HO Cargo HOld HR HouR
HVFL HeaVy Fuel HW High Water
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Code IU If Used
IMO International Maritime Organisation. ISM(C) International Safety Management Code
IUHTAUTC If Used, Half Time ActUally To Count KMC cargo refrigerating system
KN KNots KTM Keel To top of Mast
LASH Light Aboard SHip LAT LATitude
LAYCAN LAYday CANcelling date LC Loading Capacity
LCR Lowest Current Rate LDN LaDeN
LGT LenGThened LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LOA Lenght Over All Lo Ho Lower Hold
LOI Letter Of Indemnity. LOLO Lift On Lift Off ship
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPS LumPSum
LR Lloyds Register of Shipping LR Large Range
L.S. LumpSum. LSD Lashed Secured Dunnage
L.T. Liner Terms LT (LTONS) Long TONS.
LW Low Water MB Merchant Broker
MDO (DO) Marine Diesel Oil MDWT Metric DeadWeight tons
MIN/MAX Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity) MO Managing Owner
MOLCHOP More Or Less CHarterers OPtion MOLOO More Or Less Owners (Masters) Option
MOT Monthly OverTime MR Medium Range
m/r Mates receipt MT Metric Tonnes
MTONS Metric Tonnes NAABSA Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground
NCB National Cargo Bureau n.E. not East of
NOR Notice Of Readiness n.S not South of
n.W not West of o.a. Over All
OA Over Aged OBO Oil Bulk Ore
ONW ONWards OO Owners Option
OP OPerator OSH Open SHelter deck
OT On Truck OW OWners
P & I Protection & Indemnity P.P. PerPendicular
Pax Passenger Vessel PDPR Per Day Pro-Rata
P/E Purchase Enquiry PGH Per Geard Hatch
PHPD Per Hatch Per Day POT (able) POTable water
PPT PromPT PSV Plattform Supply Vessel
PU PUmps PWH Per Workable Hatch
PWWD Per Weather Working day REEF Refrigerated
ROB Remaining On Board RORO Roll On Roll Off ship
RPM Revs. Per Minute RYC Reference Your Cable...(date)
RYTLX Reference Your TeLeX...(date) SATSHEX SATurdays, Sundays, Holidays Excepted
SATSHINC SATurdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded SBS Safe Berth
SBT Segregated Ballast Tanks SELFDISCH SelfDischarger
SF Superficial Feet SHEX Sundays, Holidays EXcepted
SHINC Sundays, Holidays Included SID Single Deck
SLPTA SLop TAnks SOF Statement Of Facts.
SP Safe Ports S/R B/L Signing and Releasing Bill(s) of Lading
SSHEX Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays EXcepted SSHINC Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded
ST Short Tons. STEM Subject To Enough Merchandise
SWAD Salt Water Arrival Draft SWDD Salt Water Departure Draft
TA TAnks TBN To Be Named
TBR To Be Renamed TC (T/C)Time Charter
TCT Time Charter Trip TCP Time Charter Party
TEU Standard 20' container THC TerminalHandling Cost
THR THRuster TL Total Loss
TOBENA To Be Named TS TonS
TTL ToTaL UU Unless Used
VPD Vessel Pay Dues VSL VeSseL
WA WAter WC West Coast
WCCON Whether Custom Cleared Or Not WIBON Whether In Berth Or Not
WIFPON Whether In Free Praqtique Or Not WIPON Whether In Port Or Not
WOG WithOut Guarantee WP Weather Permitting
WWD Weather Working Days WWR When, Where Ready
YC Your Cable ZUTC =  GMT
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