About Dacotrans

Dacotrans India Private Limited has been set up since 1997. The company is in the business of international freight forwarding of industrial cargo.

Dacotrans specializes in international multinational transportation of project cargo for industrial machinery consisting of over dimensional and heavy lift consignments and have executed prestigious transportation projects world-wide for power plants, steel plants, refineries, chemical plants, cement plants, etc. Dacotrans group has 700 qualified transport specialists in Germany, USA and in the oversees organizations. Dacotrans group controls a network of daughter companies, offices & agencies in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North & South America as well as in Australia. The world-wide business network of Dacotrans group ensures that even the most difficult project transports are delivered on time, smoothly and safe.

The scope of services include planning for technically & economically most suitable transport solution, multimodal transportation of project cargo by road, rail, air & ocean, smooth co-operation between the various carriers, co-ordination in maintaining the schedule of projects transports; talking into account production schedule and project completion dates, supervision of unloading, customs clearance and on carriage to the final destination as well as positioning of the equipment on foundations.

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